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Help Desk

  1. Incident Management: This involves receiving, logging, and responding to user-reported issues. This service aims to restore normal service operation as quickly as possible after an incident.

  2. Problem Management: This service involves diagnosing the root causes of recurring or major incidents and finding permanent solutions to prevent future occurrences.

  3. Service Request Management: Help desks manage service requests, which might include new account setups, software installations, password resets, and hardware provisioning.

  4. Software Support: This includes troubleshooting software issues, installing software updates, and helping users navigate and use various software applications.

  5. Hardware Support: Help desks troubleshoot hardware problems, manage hardware repairs and replacements, and assist in setting up new equipment.

  6. Network Support: This involves troubleshooting network issues, including connectivity problems, slow network speeds, and issues with network hardware like routers and switches.

  7. Security Support: Help desks often provide support for security-related issues, such as dealing with suspected malware infections, helping users manage their security settings, and responding to potential security incidents.

  8. Training and Guidance: Help desks often provide user training, offering guidance on how to use hardware and software, and educating users about security best practices.

  9. IT Asset Management: Help desks track and manage IT assets, ensuring that hardware and software are up to date, licensed, and properly allocated.

  10. System Monitoring: This service involves monitoring the health of IT systems, proactively identifying issues before they cause incidents.

  11. Remote Support: Leveraging remote access tools, help desk personnel can access a user's computer remotely to troubleshoot and resolve issues.

  12. Escalation Management: For complex or high-priority issues that the help desk cannot resolve, they escalate the issue to a higher-level support team or specialist.