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Security and Compliance

  1. Security Assessment and Gap Analysis: These services involve assessing a business's current security controls and practices, identifying gaps in compliance with PCI DSS or HIPAA, and providing recommendations for improvements.

  2. Security Policies and Procedures Development: Consultants can help businesses develop or update their security policies and procedures to align with PCI DSS or HIPAA requirements. This could include data handling procedures, security incident response plan, and more.

  3. Security Awareness Training: Consultants provide training to employees on security best practices and how to handle sensitive data in compliance with PCI DSS or HIPAA. This often includes understanding common threats, like phishing and social engineering, and how to respond.

  4. Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments: These services involve testing a business's network and systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, and recommending fixes.

  5. Encryption and Data Protection Services: Consultants can help businesses implement encryption and other data protection measures for data at rest and in transit, as required by PCI DSS and HIPAA.

  6. PCI DSS or HIPAA Compliance Audits: Consultants can conduct formal compliance audits to validate that a business meets all requirements of PCI DSS or HIPAA.

  7. Incident Response Planning: Consultants can help businesses develop a plan for responding to security incidents, including identifying roles and responsibilities, communication plans, and steps for remediation and recovery.

  8. Regular Compliance Monitoring and Reporting: This involves ongoing monitoring of a business's security controls and compliance status, and providing regular reports to stakeholders.

  9. Managed IT Security Services: These services involve managing a business's security infrastructure on an ongoing basis, often including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security event management systems, and more.

  10. Business Associate Agreement (BAA) Consulting for HIPAA: For businesses that are business associates under HIPAA, consultants can help with understanding the requirements of a BAA and ensuring compliance.