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VOIP Systems

  1. 3CX Setup and Installation: This service involves the initial setup and configuration of the 3CX system, including installing the 3CX software on a server, setting up IP phones, and configuring network settings.

  2. 3CX System Integration: Consultants can help businesses integrate the 3CX system with other software systems they use, such as CRM systems, email systems, or call center software. This can improve efficiency by enabling click-to-call functionality, automatic call logging, screen pop-ups with customer information on incoming calls, and more.

  3. 3CX System Customization: This involves customizing the 3CX system to meet the specific needs of a business. This might include configuring call flow rules, setting up IVRs (Interactive Voice Response), customizing on-hold music or messages, and more.

  4. 3CX Training: Consultants can provide training to employees on how to use the 3CX system effectively, including making and receiving calls, using advanced features like call conferencing or call recording, and using the 3CX web client or mobile app.

  5. 3CX System Upgrade: As 3CX continues to improve and add features to its system, consultants can assist businesses in understanding and implementing these upgrades to take full advantage of the system's capabilities.

  6. 3CX Troubleshooting and Support: Consultants often provide ongoing support to businesses using 3CX, helping them troubleshoot issues, maintain their system, and optimize their use of the system.

  7. 3CX Security and Compliance: Consultants can assist with securing the 3CX system, including implementing best practices for firewall configuration, encryption, and password policies. They can also help businesses comply with regulations related to call recording, data privacy, and more.